My medical history at the RDS

My medical history at the RDS

mymedicalhistory exhibition stand at the recent Active Over 50’s show in the RDS. The show attendance was over 15,000 and we managed to speak to several hundred visitors over a three day period and got some great feedback.

Here is a list of the 10 most common questions asked by the public at the show.

  1. How do I get all my medical history?
  2. How do I upload the information?
  3. Will my G.P. give me the information?
  4. Will my G.P. upload the information for me?
  5. Will the hospital give me the information?
  6. Will the hospital upload my files for me?
  7. If I am unconscious, how does someone else access my information?
  8. In the case of family membership, can another member of the family see my records?
  9. How do I upload an ultrasound or a CT scan?
  10. How do I upload an MRI?

Over the coming weeks we will upload short video tutorials addressing these and other questions.
Thanks to all the members of the public who engaged.